In the consignment I received from Pat at INKT there was a bonus ‘Fude’ nib. This nib which looks to have been dropped on the floor is designed for the printing of Chinese characters. Apparently they are made in Germany but in our case are marketed by Jinhao. INKT Noted: Medium fude nib for Jinhao 159 and X750 pens. The fude nob has an upturned tip for use in Chinese calligraphy. May also fit other fountain pens which use a #6 nib. Note: while the nib says is is 18K plated, I doubt it is. The best source of an explanation is to search the word Fude in YouTube I have a Jinhao 159 pen I had purchased last because to satisfy my curiosity about Chinese pens. Its not too bad but has dumped a couple of bad on the paper. Monteverde ink cured that. The big white pen with its standard medium nib is going in my every day bag to be used for rough sketches in the wild. Rather than interfere with the X750 which is writing great out of the box I decided the 159 would be the test bed. With the combination inked up I grabbed a piece of paper and did what I call draw out loud.. I just threw lines on the paper without much thought for the way I was holding the pen. With the fude nib that is what it is all about, different strokes for different pen angles.     This is a great combination for roughing things out. I am looking forward to having some knowledge about how to use the nib,  a blank sheet of paper and this pen in front of a decent subject. As they say the best fun you can have with your pants on, well for five bucks anyway.