Wairua my 15 foot 9 Welsford Navigator was proven, seaworthy and I was ready for the first long sail since I built and launched her. My friend Jo was prepared to put her life in my hands and a trip to Kawau to see some mutual friends looked like a good enough excuse for a Christmas cruise. That story is HERE


Maroro has been sitting unloved on her mooring in Lucas Creek for six months now. The lead up to my TKR [Total Knee Replacement] was not good for boating in safety. Right now just on ten weeks since the surgery I am close to being fit enough. There has been no way I could get the boat ready in time so there will be no boating this Christmas. With our recent history of shitty weather over December and January I don’t think I will be too upset.

When we did that trip I was on the waiting for the TKR operation I’ve just had. 


Christmas has not been a big deal around here for a long time. Christmas Morning I used to do a cook-up with smoked salmon on the BBQ to be eaten on crisp slices of french bread, french toast, crispy bacon and maple syrup. This was followed by strawberries and cream and lots of Christmas goodies. All accompanied by a light crisp rose or chablis. Then it clicked that the six or seven people who hoovered down all the food always had a good reason to bugger off when it came time for the dishes. Never saw any coin or bring a plate either. The following Christmas they were hovering around licking their lips ready magic $150 worth of food. Joan and I gathered the dog and the picnic basket I had been preparing in the kitchen [fooled them good] and headed out the door.  “Where are you going?, Where’s breakfast?”  Out for breakfast, yours is at the supermarket we beamed, they will be open again tomorrow……….

We are not into Christmas presents but they do not come any better than this…

Eight months ago a very good friend was diagnosed with a cancer that was terminal and the prognosis was that she had until Christmas. Chemo was offered but other members of the family had the same issue and had taken the chemo with the only outcome being a very uncomfortable and painful last few months of life.

Our friend decided to rely on her very strong faith and she prayed and her friends prayed. I am an atheist so all I could do was ring as often as I could to see if there was anything to be done. Our friend hit the road and the airlines and set out visit all her friends and relatives and put her life to rest. Our friend has special qualities with a healing method known as Bowen Therapy. Call it laying on of the hands for a simple explanation. It worked for my dog and it works on penguins and more than once I have been on the table.

Getting sense out of the hospital system and getting the tests and medications that were entitled was a mission. Appointments with specialists were a joke. Wherever specialists go to they go there a lot because there were a lot of missed appointments caused by them. Can’t be golf or fishing in Fiji, that place is full of plumbers.

Then out of the blue the week before last our friend received a phone call to say the tests showed all clear, there were no longer any life ending issues. Yes her name was on the file and we did do the test again.

Our friend says it sure as hell reinforces the meaning of life.

So Christmas enjoy it in the way that means something to you, stay safe and keep in touch.

Yours aye

David Jasper Robertson