Almost HMNZS Neptune

HMS Neptune was a Royal Navy cruiser with a large compliment of New Zealanders returning home to New Zealand to be taken over by New Zealand. She was diverted to the Med and was lost off Tripoli with heavy loss of life 76 years ago. This is the story of the preamble to, and the sinking written by Jack Harker.

Minnie 9

The start was delayed by the discovery that someone had forgotten the bag of food. Luckily, in these modern times, there is an open supermarket at the last village, where the transport officer can take in supplies.

Minnie 8

On raising the dinghy we discover that the soft grass had been hiding the tip of an iron rod, hammered there to tie a boat to, when there used to be fish. This is a job for the gaffer.

Minnie 7

The morrow was warm and hazy. What wind there was came from the east. This sort of weather carries air-pollution from Europe up to us, and on that day the ozone level reached the limit of what is allowed in the European Union, irritating eyes and air-passages.

Minnie 6

At ten-past-six, we set sail eastward for Kraghj, some 28 km, 15 sm away, on the northeastern end of the island. Wind WSW 10-12 kn, 5-6m/s. The father has his hard-weather sailing-suit on. The braces make it possible to use it as just trousers. He’ll not have a wet arse on this trip!