The grim reality of a fading memory……..

The speedometer of life, your diabetes blood sugar count.

Almost a year with no sign of life. The best way to cope with all the changes and complete loss of any memory of how to do this is just get stuck in and break things.

And that is is happening here and for a few weeks that is all I will do, break things and find out how it all works.

Of course a complete update of the core software is not much of a help right here and one wonders if one should throw it all away and start again. Sad to do that because some of it needs to hang around until I modify the pages.

LIFE…….Truth is life equals having to earn a living and that does not always equate to having a life style.

It has been my last fling in document design and I hope by the end of the month I can sign off on 30 years plus of work for the same company. Well it is not the same company really, more like grandads axe which has had four new handles and two new heads.

Businesses tend to change hands on a regular basis. Sometimes for the good but it seems mostly for the bad. There is a saying here in New Zealand that if you want to make a small NZ company you sell a big NZ company to somebody else.