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2002 and 2017 two different boating holidays






MARORO was my John Welsford 17 foot clinker yawl built in my garage in Forrest Hill. It might see strange but she was launched on a little lake just south of Rotorua and did not taste salt water for a few months.


I had not known Joan very long but we organised some care for the three dogs and set out on an adventure from Milford up and around the Kawau Island area. Our friends Andy and Sue had a cottage on Motuora Island and we were to meet up with them. Happy memories.
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A couple of boats after came Maroro, a 5o year old plus Chas Bailey Junior 27 foot launch.
A great family boat and tricked out for SAR and operating as a Coastguard Auxillary she was awarded the 2007 Coastguard Rescue Vessel of the Year.


We did not go too far in 2017 as I was coming up for a new knee. Never the less Joan, Lucy the dog and I had a great time.


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