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The best little fountain pen shop on the planet…..

“Welcome to Fitzgerald Taylor’s online shop, we love all things stationery”

I had assumed that there was no longer a bricks n mortar  fountain pen shop in Auckland. Of course there is Whitcoulls and the big stationery barns but that is not the same thing. Then from Gurgle results I realised there was a fountain pen store only 30 minutes from here in Devonport. I lived there for 20 years. The traffic in and out of Devonport means there has to  be something special before you make the journey.o make the journey. Kim has her shop in the old Post Office building and having lived in Devonport for 15 years I remember the post office from well, when it was a Post Office. Now a beautifully restored building it has been the location of Kim’s shop for a long time.

There is an old letterpress machine I assumed was a prop.

Wrong! Kim produces exclusive stationery on this letterpress .

I could not help but be impressed with Kim’s knowledge of the fountain pen world and its ink. The room is full of shelves of every brand of brightly coloured journals & notebook and the impression….perfection.I also picked up that there was product here that was not on the store website. I fell in love with the first Kaweco Sport AL, the grey one, I had ever seen and of course it followed me home. There is a lot going on here. I would suggest if  you are looking for something a phone call to Kim and it is not on her website give her a call. Bit of a long haul to Devonport but it is nice area to go for an outing as well as have a pen shopping experience.

About this time that a birthday needed recognition. I had noticed Joan having covetous eyes on my pen collection so Kim built the perfect  gift. A purple Pilot Metropolitan, L Herbin Violette Pens’ee ink and a matching purple Leuchtturm1917 notebook, then came the gift wrapping only a artist can create. Joan was over the moon.


On the left, The blue and purple pens are OnLine but I do not know which ones, then OnLine Campus fountain pens….. then starting with the red pen…. OnLine Vision fountain pens. Last on the right are two L Herbin fountain pens.


Every Friday now I make a trip to Devonport. Have a coffee, walk the dog, recollect my Navy days and living and bringing up a family and all the associated history. Of course I call in to see Kim. That is not necessarily to buy anything but somehow I always remember I need like a nib or a journal or some ink. Kim has a range of Lamy pens the equal of anybody. Sure nice to have the ink in your hand with the cap off so you can see what you are buying. In the pen world that seems populated by good people Kim is right at the top of the list and I thoroughly recommend her business to you.

You might come across some of the beautiful product shots on Kims website and social media sites. Studio photography is another of her skills and I can tell you perfection is normal here.