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A cheap Chinese surprizeJINHAO X750

This was an unplanned purchase but while I was browsing the web a few months ago I came upon these Chinese pens and noticed that the Jinhao X750 was getting good reviews. Go to the REVIEWS page for a list of trusted review websites.

I wanted a bigger but not expensive pen to go in my every day carry bag for quick sketches and perhaps taking notes.

The X750 was available in stainless steel with a medium nib from INKT for $20. It came with a converter so there was no other expense. Nice big #6 nib

As is the standard with Pat the pen arrived under 24 hours later and was inked up with Lamy Black. No cleaning or fussing, fill and fire.

A couple of flicks into the towel and the X750 was writing. I am blown away just how smooth it is and what a nice ink it puts down. Faultless and as good as the hundred dollar German pen!!!!!



The cap close up with its little tin hat, what a good little soldier you are. Why do we give pens names and speak to them like they are children?

They say that a Chinese pen will drop you a nice blob of ink sooner or later but it has not happened so far. It is going to be a great carry art pen.

Money well spent…….