Kaweco now landed….

Kaweco have been manufacturing pens and pencils in Germany since 1883.  In the 1930s Kaweco created the Sport line of chunky hexagonal pens which became an enduring classic.  The Kaweco brand is now in the hands of passionate pen people H & M Gutberlet and goes from strength to strength. The Sport range still forms the backbone of Kaweco’s product range today, and now extends from translucent plastic to solid aluminium versions; and from fountain pens to clutch pencils via ballpoint, rollerball and ink roller versions.  All Kaweco items are made with love and attention; we especially recommend the Liliput super-compact pens and the AL Special range.

Anyone who owns a Kaweco fountain pen will tell you…… they wish they had brought it earlier in life. This pocket pen sits comfortably in your pocket. In particular the aluminium ones are warm and smooth and comforting to the hand.

The will fit in a wallet without grief and in a small purse that comfortably takes your drivers licence your Kaweco is at home.

It all changes when you take the pen out and post it, suddenly you have a pen that is bg enough for most. I have five of them and they are in use all the time. If I was allowed only one fountain pen it would be one of these.

One thing is common worldwide, there are never enough to go around and when you see them  you should act. INKT and  Fitzgerald Taylor have received stock. You have been warned.


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