What are fountain pen collectors called…..

Fountain Pen Folk

These are brilliant, witty folks with good taste and an appreciation for finer things. They are contemplative and yet ready with a quick riposte when needed.

While the mandorla of the Venn Diagram is quite large they come in two basic varieties.

Collectors–who will search out a specific sort of pen maker and/or a specific model of pen and attempt to become both expert on and holder of as many examples of that particular pen.

Accumulators–folks who enjoy using pens and really aren’t into the single-minded pursuit of one kind. Some of us have several pens of the same model because we like them–the feel or the look or the way they write.

Generally, we just like pens and spend too much of our budget on the darn things… And they keep bringing the ones we have out in new colours.

As noted there is a great overlap…

There are collectors who have very eclectic collections of a style of pen….

An accumulator can also be a person who acquires pens with no apparent focus; i.e., someone who considers any and all pens to be “fair game.”

People new to pens are likely to be accumulators because they have not yet acquired sufficient knowledge to develop a focused interest; but there are also experienced people who remain accumulators because their interests are too eclectic to permit a perceptible focus.

If you have read this far it is too late, the spell has been cast. For the rest of your days anything to be put on paper will require careful selection of the pen, type of nib, colour of ink and your words will come from way deep inside you.

Welcome aboard.