INKSPIRATIONS FOR 2018 all of which will be meaningless except for fountain pen zelots.

As far as fountain pens go I have reached the point where something is going to have to be pretty exceptional to pry the money out of my wallet. An example could be the Lamy 2018 Special Edition Safari. Certainly the 2018 special edition Al Star is off my radar. The pen is shocking pink and does not ring my bell at all.’

But there you go, from left field. If you read the Pen that went to war in a later posting you will know that I have my fathers 1938 or 39 Parker Vacumatic fountain pen to restore. I am sure Pat at INKT can wave his magic wand. I do know the spare parts are available and I do know that I will spare no expense to restore this pen to 100% operation. That means I now have 21 pens and will need another three to fill up the pen holder I will have to now purchase. That Veterans Affairs Disability Pension is being well spent.

Recent experience with the 1.1mm nib I purchased with the Yellow Safari is that I have been holding myself back with medium nibs. Bold and 1.1mm stubs do much more for the ink on paper and I feel better using them too. I will start a retro fit programme from INKT who is quite a bit cheaper than anywhere else. At least one 1.5mm stub will make its way north. As far as the Kaweco. Jinhao and TWSBI pens are concerned I am kind of stuck. Unless I buy another of them and that is unlikely.



Can you have enough of them? Well I do want to fill a couple of gaps because I use them for drawing as well as writing. The new 580 was inked with Monteverde Napa Burgundy as it seems a better fit than the Lamy Al Star Purple. It writes nice and the two go well together. That means the Al Star needs an ink. Options are from Robert Oster with his Chocolate, dark pink, purple and exotic reds. Then there are the Private Reserve Plums, and purples. Need to do some serious research because they do not look the same on screen. Will need a bold nib for the pen as well.

I had thought I needed a yellow or orange for the new Safari Yellow. Originally that was going to be the stub pen with Lamy Black. After an experiment with the L Herbin Ambre du Birmanie I thought it a fail and had consigned it to the back of the drawer. Just for the hell of it I inked the Yellow Safari and stub nib gave me a pretty satisfactory result. So the stub nib has gone to the Lamy Al Star Black with Lamy Black ink. The bold nib from the former is now on the Yellow Safari and I am happy.


The conclusion….. lots of experiments to be done with ink and nibs. No new pens on the horizon.