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Man bag aka Tactical Pouch.

Spent a bit of time on the net looking for a simple bag to carry my drawing tools when I was out and about,

Every Day Carry in the USA. My mission was a small bag that would not be a pain to carry but big enough to carry the pens and art materials I needed to do some sketching in the field.
In the end I was lucky to get this little Rothco from the Pilots Shop in Napier…… Q How do you know there is a pilot in the room? A They will tell you. Typically a tight well organised on line store that did the job with no bull. I thought there were a lot of these about but I have just looked and there is not. Seem to have got the lasts one on the planet. Never mind plenty of alternatives. Try Gurgling Military Surplus NZ and you will find plenty of stuff. When the one I have wears out I will probably go for a bag that will take an A4 pad.
Back to the bag…. it weighs next to nothing, it cost me $25 and some Amazon reviewers said it will not last long. Give me strength $25……. it seems fine to me. At left: handbag, well my hand by the bag to show how small it is.
The bag is closed and the strap and clip wraps the whole bat up nice and tight.

The bag open: Undo the strap and a velcro flap and the bag opens out. There are a total of six pockets protected by zips and six pouches for cards






So what am I packing: leather pouch with some cash and drivers licence, leather pouch with cards and cash, leather pouch which contains four Kaweco Al Sport pens and a small Apica notebook plus 3 small and 2 large ink cartridges, An A7 Apica notebook, A Rhodia A7 web book dotted, two Kaweco ink cartridge sleeves, Finepix S8600 digital camera. Not shown 2 Blackwing pencils, rubber and small ruler. There is also a small zippered pouch in the main flap with a Tile and room for a torch, keys etc.

It is an amazing piece of kit. Do not even know it is there in the carry and certainly does not look out of place slung over my shoulder in the supermarket. Everything has proven easy to get at. I often just rough out a scene and then fire off a couple of pictures, perhaps using the zoom to get a better idea of the light.