This website is in the early days of construction and I would appreciate your patience.


Living, boating, writing and stuff

I suddenly find myself building web pages again. Its quite exciting……..

The framework of this site was created as part of an exercise to help a friend understand how a website could be used for his business . Now he understands as was the deal he has taken his new knowledge off to have his own website built and left me to play with my toys.

It took a lot of effort to change my thinking to WordPress and the shell of what I had created still has some legs. So I have decided to publish information and news about things that interest me. There is a ton of information around here that used to live on other websites I run and I do miss not being on the web.

It is vanity publishing and things will happen when the juices flow. Don’t want to be a slave to it and it will take time to get both the website and my routine sorted.

If you find what is here is not to your liking you have the right to QUIT. If you do want to come back you are most welcome.

Yours aye
David Jasper Robertson
Castor Bay, New Zealand