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Whales on this website…….

Whales are beautiful creatures I have observed them all over the world and think they are one of the greatest creations of nature.

Whalley came to me in a colouring book that is part of an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Just like to kids colouring books of old you get a picture in the form of all the outlines and colour in the spaces. The electronic version is way more sophisticated and using electronic pencil to get different colours, shadings, swirls etc there is scope for some fabulous art. It goes way beyond a colouring book and it in the hands of an expert some stunning creations have been done. Electronic valium when you cannot sleep or are having a bad day.

I am not too bad with it and have a whole stack of YouTube teaching sessions to cover. It runs on the iPad so you can take it and find a quiet corner of the world and get stuck in.

MOBY I drew myself. It was the emblem for MY OWN BLOODY YACHT SQUADRON which was a bunch of boaties back in the 60’s and 70’s. One or two are still alive and so am I. I think my domain name mobys.nz is cool. But people always stick .co.nz on the end and wonder why it will not work. I do not tell them it is a screening device.