Almost HMNZS Neptune

HMS Neptune was to have been New Zealand’s fourth cruiser of World War Two.

She had left Scotland bound for New Zealand to be incorporated into the Royal New Zealand Navy. Enroute she was diverted to the Mediterranean Fleet in support of Naval Operations off the northern coast of Africa.

During a support bombardment of axis forces on shore she met a violent end in a minefield off Tripoli. HMS Neptune went down with only one survivor from her over 750 man crew.

The full story of Neptune from her launching is held here with publishing rights from the author Jack Harker QSM. Unless you are a navyophile it is hard work and the decision was made to publish the two chapters relevant to her loss. If you click on the links below a pdf file republishing the chapter will be available to you to read. You can print this or I suggest save it to your computer and peruse as conventient.

David Jasper Robertson

Chapter 16

Chapter 17