Weekly comment from The Editor

From when I put up my first page about 2002 if it came up on a computer different to my own it had taken off all over the place. Words and pictures no longer nicely placed, well to my eye.

A document consisting of several pages you ended up splitting it onto individual web pages. Each with a linking criteria and hidden demons.

Two years ago Jaron at Cheeky Monkey Hosting switched me over to WordPress.

I now use page layout software for magazines then save as a PDF for computer screen. Better still I have live indexing.

I now embed my perfect PDF in a web page and now they are independent of the web engine and will stay looking how I designed them.

You can see that, trust me when you save them to your computer they will look that way too.

So this is where MOBYS brain has been.

But nothing is for nothing in this day and age.

To get the best out of the page the viewer has to use a toolbox.

I do explain these tricks in the HINTS tab.

On the left is a screen grab of a story


The Grey Bar [numbers in red are to help]

Number 1

An up and down arrow for pages in the story.

Page number / number of pages in story.

Number 2

Plus and Minus size of your page on screen.

Page Fit menu, Automatic Zoom, Actual Size, Page Fit, Page Width, 50%, 100%, 125% etc.

Click the four arrows at the end of the grey bar you then adjust that with the Page Width options. Automatic Zoom will do the job for most of you.

Number 3.

Right hand end of the grey bar .

THE FOUR ARROWS for VIEW MODE then scroll down through the pages in readable size.

To bail out hit the four arrows again.

Folder with the down arrow. Click on that and you where will be asked where you want the pages saved on your computer.
You now have a copy on your computer to read when you want without the internet.

Just delete it like a normal file if finished with it.

it works for me and I hope you find the same.


David Jasper Robertson

Castor Bay 29th January 2024