Well Done Achilles

Jack Harker’s history of the Leander Class light cruiser that fought at the Battle of the River Plate. Best described as fiction based on fact it is a good insight just how the Navy organised itself in the early 1940’s. Achilles served NZ well and continued to do so when her ownership passed to India as INS Delhi. Publication completed 8/2/2024. First page is the index page for all chapters.
AUTHOR HARKER Jack Stanley QSM CPOTEL NZD1210 Diomede Achilles Leander WWII 92 Crossed the Bar February 8th 2008

Simple Boat Building 1930

This is a MOBYS exclusive inherited from my old website Woodenboat New Zealand. This is by way of an introduction because it is a book. The first page has the links to all of its chapters.

Deeds Not Words

The story about the creation and early years of the Royal New Zealand Coastguard.


Almost HMNZS Neptune

A brief report of the loss of this cruiser in the Med. I have only published chapters 16 and 17 from the book by Jack Harker. Frankly the rest of it while a true account of the ship and its activities is hard work reading. For the dedicated only.

She was homeward bound to New Zealand with many who had left NZ in the very early days of WW2. She was not fully incorporated into the RNZN at this time.

Only one man survived the sinking and he was from the UK. The loss was deeply felt throughout NZ but in particular. from the Lower South Island where many of the lost had come from. STORY

HMNZS Irirangi

HMNZS IRIRANGI a collection of interrelated stories from the years this station operated on the Desert Plateau Waiouru.

The collection started with a booklet from the 1982 Final Reunion and has grown. 2024 is probably the last update to the story of a place many remember with great fondness COLLECTION INDEX