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Stories about Waiouru W/T & Irirangi

IRIRANGI STORY. Back in 92 they held the final Irirangi Reunion and an excellent booklet was produced. With the technology at the time it was an amazing effort. This is the much enhanced 2024 edition noting that it is a living document and has had new information added regularly.
I am a day or so off the 80th Anniversary of my first visit to Waiouru in a baby carrier [Born 5th Feb 1944]. No leave for fathers of new borns. I have no idea how it worked other than a local farmer was involved.
This truly is the last shout.I have written the missing start how the camp was conceived through to the signing of the lease and the building. the last block in the wall. I am ending my mission with this one and will only go back for housekeeping aka I find a typo.
If you have not read this one it takes the journey a lot further than you have been yet. Aye DJR

RIDING THE RATTLER. is a personal account of my first big train trip. Making the journey from Devonport Naval Base to my new posting at the Naval Radio Station HMNZS Irirangi near Waiouru. It also brings reminders of just what this area meant to a lot of people.

HMNZS ACHILLES never tied up at Waiouru but it is close to the story.
Tel Lt William Brewer DSM MBE RNZN came to the new station after The Battle of the River Plate. For six years he oversaw the place as the Executive Officer, later as Commanding Officer. Achilles CO at the Battle of the River Plate Captain Parry assumed the rank of Commodore, taking over the duties of First Naval Member to the New Zealand Naval Board, Chief of Naval Staff, and Commodore Commanding New Zealand Station, while retaining command of Achilles. He waved a big stick. Give up your golf club memberships, tell your wife to mow the lawn and get to work, and I mean on the weekends too.
Also the Achilles chapters ten and eleven provide an idea of what Irirangi’s role was when it was first established.
Author HARKER Jack Stanley QSM CPOTEL NZD1210 Diomede Achilles Leander WWII 92 passed away 8th February 2008