MOBYS job is to bring you books.

Often very frustrating trying to read a complex article on a browser. You will all have experienced occasions when web pages do not seem to display properly.

No need to get technical, we already are kind of aware that almost every computer user has a different setup.
The page designer wants their page to always look how they designed it. A lot of time and money gets spent on that. But our computers stuff up their plan.

Being born to the joy of books in print any page page I am in charge of has to look like a book.
My website exists to bring you digital books. They are independent of the ‘rules’ in the web engine of your chosen web browser My stories are ‘locked’ and embedded in the web page code.

There are some exceptions [ e.g. Intro/index pages of multi chapter books ] but you can expect stories come with tools:
1. Controls so you can tune what you see to suit your reading wishes.
2. You can save the story to your computer to read later without the internet Internet. You only get the story not the web page. Feel free to print the story on your printer. Just make sure how many pages before you do that.

Once you have embraced the concept it will be valued. What you need to know is written in the HINTS page via the menu bar at the top of each page. You might even decide to print it out to guide you along until it comes second nature,
Enjoy at your convenience. The site looks good on a tablet while you sit in your convenience.