We got hacked, or rather somebody allowed access to their tablet with the expected consequences.

I realised that our fibre broadband modem passwords needed changing. Forgot how I used to do it?
A phone call to Mercury Energy who now own Trustpower our former provider. With Trustpower it was always hard work . They employed stroppy young men with big egos and no idea about customer service. My experience with Mercury was first class;. its a top class outfit.

Seems the modem I had was way overdue for an upgrade. I had fallen through the cracks. The old modem worked OK but the WIFI suffered getting around an 80 year old house.
No problem. I was out of contract and if I renewed the power, broadband, telephone service they would send two brand new WIFI modems. I can have them tomorrow.

Acreed and the courier was on the doorstep bright and early next day.
Two small boxes. the eero 6+ modems about the size of my hand. The previous unit was quite large with 10 LED. Through its air slots a bright pulsing green neon light lit up the room..

On the left the old technology.On the right the new. Apparently choices I had to make previously are redundant now done with AI.

All going to be all WIFI no hard wiring. WOW but you guys do this for a living.

Download the app to my phone and create a login.
Create a new network name and password.
Unplug the old WIFI modem.

Connect new modem to cable modem and turn on power.

ONLINE amazing speed. Just need to point 7 devices. at new modem. 25 minutes all done.

In olden times you could spend all day trying to sort out your networks. 

About $150 of now redundant ADSL wiring, Gone forever probably to the garden tying up plants. Not my department

Thanks to the gals and guys at Mercury.