Rubber Duckery


One last call before I slide from septuagenarian to octogenarian.

Proof how the mind looks after itself, shutting stuff out that does not fit the game plan.

I would have put good money on this being my first birthday since I turned six that I did not own a boat. No more boating was my oft repeated claim.

Well in the email was a renewal notice for a boat trailer.

Eh!!! Then I remembered that Maroros 2.9m rubber duck with Yamaha 5hp outboard is sitting on a brand new trailer in the rentals garage. It used to live on the Little White Truck until another driver got confused about which lane we drive in here in NZ.

So off we went and retrieved The White Duck. It needs a clean with Auckland’s fungus storage curse but otherwise all OK. Motor is fully serviced by Reece and does not have many hours on it.

The trailer has never been in salt water. Fresh water, yes in the big floods last February the White Duck was floating in the garage. Why you have Bearing Buddies I suppose.

Now onto the rowing maching to ensure I can row home if the Yammy dies. That is what Coastguarders do, tick all the boxes before you leave the beach..

If I launch from Birkenhead its only a couple of clicks to the ‘secret’ little beaches I used to go to on Maroro. Have plenty of camping gear. Rose would be fine.

Only accessible by boat the spots are off the beaten track. Never seen another soul even close. Tide goes out a long way which helps privacy.

Regeneration strikes again.

The White Duck and Lucy RIP at Lucy’s Beach. No official name.
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